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Study, design and installation of lifting systems

With our many years of experience we undertake the study,
design and installation of each lifting system such as:

• Hydraulic lifts, persons – loads
• Electrically powered lifts, persons – cargo
• Lifts without engine room (MRL)
• External lifts
• Car lifts
• Lifting machinery
• Lifting systems for people with disabilities


Each maintenance program must comply with the requirements of the applicable national legislation and with the frequency set by paragraph 4 of article 4 of Government Gazette 2604/Β/22.12.2008. The history of maintenance and repairs of our elevators is recorded in detail in an ERP management program and is immediately available to the customer. Maintenance work includes:

• Regular inspection of electrical and mechanical safety devices, as well as other elevator components for their proper operation.
• The restoration of safe operation in cases of wear, failure or deregulation of mechanical or electrical safety devices or other components.
• The cleaning and lubrication, where necessary, of all components according to the instructions of the manufacturers of components and safety devices.

Elevator Repair – Upgrade

We undertake the repair and upgrade of existing facilities in apartment buildings, detached houses, newly built buildings, commercial and industrial spaces.
Repair is required in one installation when significant malfunctions of a component or mechanism are observed.
Renovation, upgrade and modernization may be required on the one hand by the customer and, on the other hand, by the recognized – notified body during the periodic inspection of the installation. Renovation and modernization work is often combined with an aesthetic makeover.

Certification and Licensing

S. & N. KARAMOLEGOS LIFT installs lifts that comply with the EU Directive 2014/33/ΕΕ, as adapted to Greek legislation by Government Gazette 1047/Β/2016, and the harmonized with its standards ΕΝ 81.20 & ΕΝ 81.50.
The certification of all lifts is mandatory in accordance with applicable national legislation.
Article 10 of Government Gazette 2604/Β/22.12.2008 describes the periodic checks and tests that must be carried out in the context of confirmation of the good condition and operation of lifts by the recognized/notified elevator inspection bodies. Upon completion of each project and before the delivery of the elevator to use, our company submits a technical file to a recognized – notified inspection body.

Coverage – Guarantee of good operation
• Maintenance and technical support by our specialized technicians with continuous quality controls.
• Periodic audits through a certified body in accordance with the legislation (Government Gazette 2604/Β 22/12/2008).
• Free insurance coverage of General Civil Liability against third parties in case of an accident from the operation of your elevator.
• 10 years warranty AND warranty of replacement or repair of any part with a manufacturing defect when maintenance is done by S. & N. KARAMOLEGOS LIFT.


Products with timeless quality

We supply high quality products. In our range you will find semi-automatic and automatic doors, booths, switchboards and materials such as ceilings, formicas and floors.
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